Geolocation FAQs

Why does my device need to see Wi-Fi/GPS/GSM Networks?

In order to play, we need to locate you inside the state of Iowa. Our location systems require Wi-Fi, GPS, or GSM signals to locate you. The more network signals you have within range of your device, the more accurately we can locate you.

On which mobile devices will I be able to play?

Android and iOS devices are supported. This includes Android cell phones and tablets, and iPhones, iPads, and iPad minis running iOS 8.1 or above. Android compatibility begins at version 4.1 (JellyBean) on leading models.

How can I turn on Location Services/GPS on my mobile device?

You need to have Location Services on to enable GPS.

To turn on Location services:

If I am in state on an Android phone, and haven't been accurately located is there anything else I can do to correct the error?

If you're trying to play on an Android device, and not being accurately located, then you may need to clear your cache from your mobile in order to be accurately located. To do this, go to Settings > Name of app used to access gaming service (gaming app or browser app) > and select Clear Cache. Another easy way to clear the cache across all apps on your phone is to download an app from the 'Play Store' store for this such as App Cache Cleaner.

How do I turn on my device's WiFi? (Android/iOS)

How do I get better cellular reception on my mobile device?

Cellular reception is greatly affected by your physical location. If you are in a basement/underground parking lot this may impede your ability to be located - try moving to an open area so you are in closer range of a cell tower. Some areas in a building or house may have 'dead zones' with little to no cellular reception - try to adjust your location in order to obtain better reception.

How do I disable location mocking settings on my Android device?

  1. Tap the menu button, then Settings.
  2. From the 'Settings' screen, go to 'Applications' by tapping on 'Applications'.
  3. From the 'Application settings' screen, go to 'Development' by tapping on 'Development'.
  4. On the 'Development' screen tap the check box next to 'Allow mock locations."

How Do I disable a Proxy Connection?

I have a rooted/jailbroken mobile device. Can I still play?

No. In order to play for real money, you must use a device with its original manufacturer settings.

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